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Cheryl is an award-winning and experienced marketing advisor. Also a growth planner, coach and digital doer. She’s also a licensed practitioners with Watertight Business Thinking (providers of strategic tools for marketing) and happy to work anywhere in the UK.

Born from a background in graphic design and client services, these days she specialise in helping growing businesses grow using proven marketing thinking and doing.

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Your Expert

Hi! I’m Cheryl – a specialist in identifying where a business might be losing customers and therefore profit. I’m also an experienced Watertight Marketing Master Practitioner.


Cheryl helped us identify the missing links in our marketing chain and her plan gave us a strong, visual representation of what was needed. She also brought plenty of enthusiasm and helped us get traction on those little tasks that we never quite get round to.”


Watertight Marketing

Cheryl is a licensed practitioner with Watertight Business Thinking and the Watertight Marketing – the powerful methodology for putting a marketing function in to your business (Practitioner of the Decade 2020).

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We can also find the right team

Over the years Cheryl has worked with lots of designers, copywriters, photographers, web developers, SEO/PPC experts, researchers, business coaches, HR advisors, accountants and bookkeepers to name but a few.

As well as being a consultant and advisors, part of what she does is to help you find the right person, team or outfit for the job. Also a mentor and coacher of teams in marketing skills development and team alignment. Specifically when it comes to marketing action planning and delivery.

She can also help with finding and funding digital marketing apprentices.


As well as bringing her deep expertise, she’s been a portal to the brand and web experts she felt would suit us and our business well. She’s kept us on track and we’ve always felt that she was deeply vested in our success. Thanks Cheryl!

LIZ VEECOCK, Systemic Coaching Partners