What’s new in the second edition?

It's here! Read our review and find out about the second edition of Watertight Marketing - the small business marketing book by Bryony Thomas.

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What’s new?

The already much loved second edition of the popular small business marketing book by Bryony Thomas is out. I was proud and privileged to get my copy before anyone else and it’s a real treasure.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s new, but you can get full details over on the Watertight Marketing website where Bryony talks us through the expanded new edition, and how she’s taken on feedback from all her readers and users of the book to make it even better. In summary, here’s a list of the new bits:

Extra clarity on who the book is for.
More detail on how to use the book in your business.
Re-emphasis and re-imagining of some of the key framework.
Improved naming conventions and neatness.
Two ‘sexy’ new frameworks (her words not mine).
New Companion materials.
Nifty new formatting.
New client examples (over 40).
‘Know your audience and proposition’ section.
 New imprint.

My Amazon review

This is a brilliant and inspirational update not a new book and I was delighted to give it a 5 star review on Amazon. Here’s what I said:

“This is not a marketing book. It’s a companion for the thousands of business who are on a journey of growth. Businesses that want help in organising their approach to getting an effective marketing strategy. To that effect it somehow manages to transfer confidence and nurture productivity, while at the same time quietly helping you make informed decisions. Like the first edition, it’s certainly made an impact on me.

Bryony writes beautifully in plain English and with no jargon. Chapter by chapter, along with the logical order of the content and use of wonderful illustrations, she gives clarity and guidance on how to prioritise your marketing tasks that in turn will support the sales cycle. She even helps you work out where not to spend your hard earned budget.

It’s a good update to the first edition with some expanded detail behind some of the methodology, plus a few new concepts. It also has over 40 new real business examples that bring the concepts to life, so you can really see and understand how the thinking has been applied.

There’s also some great recommended reading and theory mapping in there, so lots more for the real business book worm. It’s also accompanied by some excellent online tools and videos from Bryony herself, which are signposted throughout the book.

Entrepreneurs, business owners, teams, and specialist consultants will all get something form this book. Plus, no matter how many times you read it, you’re always discovering helpful guidance and tips on every page. Not to mention the support of the growing number of community members (including licensed practitioners) that work with the book and share ideas and progress with each other. They’re on Facebook and so am I, and they really help and inspire each other.

Thank you Bryony, I love this edition as much as the first.”

Bryony says that even If you’ve read the book before it’s the perfect time to revisit and refresh. She’s spent four years completely updating and expanding the book, and hopes you love it as much as she does.

If you have any questions about the book, the methodology, or Watertight Webschool please just ask.

Cheryl Crichton

Helps small businesses stop wasting money on marketing. Watertight Marketing Certified Practitioner, MCIM Chartered Marketer and mentor.

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