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Marketing get up and go

It’s sometimes hard to find the motivation to tackle your marketing. Especially when you don’t have the time, money or resources. With our support, and using a proven methodology, we can help you get on the road to a total marketing transformation for your business. Get in touch for a chat, or scroll down to see some ideas to get you started.

Leak Assessment

Let us take a look at the marketing activity you’re currently doing and make some recommendations on how to tweak things up. A gap analysis.

Watertight Marekting Touchpoint Leak Assessment Report
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Full Audit

Alternatively, you could have a full audit of your business, processes and expenditure resulting in recommendations that will kick-start a 12-month marketing transformation programme.

Just Talk

You might find that all you need is just a chat, or a series of regular check-in calls to help keep you on track with the plans you already have. We’d be happy to explore any option.

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Ready to get going now?

If you’ve already decided you want to make things happen, a workshop with us to get things going could be for you. In person or online, our practical sessions are designed to explore your requirements and start designing a plan.

What we do - Solid Sources

Regular Support

Or, if you just need help getting all your plans actually done we offer retained monthly support packages to drive implementations, and hold the team accountable. We can do the doing.

More by Watertight Marketing

We have access to lots of tools and courses from Watertight Marketing including the monthly Make Marketing Happen Club. So you can help yourself or work with a licensed practitioner like Cheryl. See your options below.

Marketing Club

A monthly online club from Watertight Marketing to sequence, select and celebrate delivering marketing activities that actually work for your business.

Make Marketing Happen Club
Watertight Marketing Report

Healthy Sales flow?

Benchmark your marketing against the Four Watertight Marketing Flow Foundations to pinpoint where to focus your energy for scalable sales growth.

Get your report in under 10 minutes from the Watertight Marketing website.


An online learning platform from Watertight Marketing with access to hundreds of videos, tools and online materials to help you find your marketing clarity and confidence.

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Masterplan Suite - Watertight Marketing


A 12-month, or 12-week intensive programme fully guided and supported by an expert Watertight Markeitng practitioner. This course has seen over 200 business take on and use the powerful methodology by Bryony Thomas.

Book Club

If you have a large team, (maybe spread across the UK, or even further afield). Ask about running a book club to work through the Watertight Marketing methodology with the author.

Watertight Marketing Book - Second Edition-Angled

I couldn’t comment on Cheryl without ‘fessing up’ that we’ve known each other since I was 22, and have worked together numerously ever since. She was my right-hand woman in the early years of setting up this marketing business, and witnessed the organic development of Watertight Marketing in each client engagement we worked on together.

She is a true force of nature, and there’s never a dull moment with Cheryl on your team. She literally lights up a room. It’s tough to think of anyone who combines both energising exuberance and exacting efficiency with quite such powerful effect.”

BRYONY THOMAS. Author & Founder of Watertight Marketing

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