Tweak your marketing leaks

Take a look at your marketing activity and see where you can improve its effectiveness

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£97 +VAT

When it comes to marketing ideas, we bet you’ve got tones. The challenge is knowing which to do (or ditch) and which to tackle first. This diagnostic will help you make confident decisions about the marketing that will make a difference to your business.

Why would you want this diagnostic?

Your marketing supports the sales journey and helps people make the next decision in buying from you. Knowing what activity to do (or not do) and when at each step can have a huge impact.

This online diagnoses will be right for you if:

• You’ve already done some marketing, but it needs a bit of focus.

• You’ve already got a marketing plan but want to check it against a proven method and troubleshoot it with an expert.

• You want some ideas that you can action now and get a clear vision for what to do now and then in the next 6 months.

What’s involved

• Video-guided self assessment with accompanying worksheet.

• 52-questions taking about 90-minutes to complete. Progress can be paused and resumed.

What you get:

• Guided sequencing to create your Do, Delay, Ditch list.

• Your top three focus areas identified in order.

• A 60 minutes follow-up session – with at least one idea for each of your priority leaks that you can action immediately.


  • Fixed Price: £97 +VAT (£116.40).
  • Duration: Typically 90 minutes.
  • Approach: Online questionnaire with worksheet and videos.
  • Output: PDF action plan.
  • Follow-up: 60-minute session to discuss the repot.

Once you’ve got your report, we’ll chat it through and plan what’s next.

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