Scaling the solo entrepreneur’s marketing mountain

I've penned another blog for the fabulous people over at Watertight Marketing. In it I've looked at some ways you, the the solo entrepreneur, can tackle the tasks of marketing one step-at-a-time...

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There’s lots of advice available on and off the internet, and often for free. Take blogs for example… people are falling over them selves to give away their expertise. My blog ‘How to scale the solo entrepreneur’s marketing mountain‘ over at Watertight Marketing for example offers you six ideas for getting the best for free or otherwise

Who are Watertight Marketing?

Watertight Marketing is the powerful small-business marketing methodology by Bryony Thomas captured in her award-winning book of the same name.

When she wrote the book she had the MD of a £2m business in my mind. Someone looking to scale their business up. It was to some surprise that the book and Masterplan programme have developed a bit of a following amongst single-person businesses. So, hence this blog came about.

Cheryl Crichton

Helps small businesses stop wasting money on marketing. Watertight Marketing Certified Practitioner, MCIM Chartered Marketer and mentor.

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