Marketing Audit & Action Plan

Build a marketing operation that drives sustainable sales results

In summary

Your marketing audit identifies what’s needed to establish a marketing operation that delivers long-term sales results for your business. Your action plan gives you direction to complete marketing transformation:

Watertight Marketing Thought Bubbles

• Strategy:
What you’re selling to whom.

• Set-up:
What infrastructure you need.

• Skills & Suppliers:
What you’ll needed to run this infrastructure.

• Activity & Tools:
The content and programme you need to drive results.


Watertight provided the most comprehensive benchmark of where we were at with our marketing, what to focus on next, and how to do that. The results continue to be felt 18 months later.”

SIMON KING. Founder, Inside Asia Tours

This structured process will give you:

• Clarity: A clear understanding of what your marketing operation needs to deliver.

• Vision: A solid view of what’s needed to make your marketing operation tick.

• Actions: A list of enhancements in priority order and a bonus list of quick wins that can be put into effect immediately.

• A plan: An outline 12-month plan for a thorough marketing transformation.

Watertight Marketing concepts

What’s involved

• A detailed survey conducted online or in person.

• An in-depth review of existing background information, previous research and documentation.

• An end-to-end review of your marketing operation including an assessment for one market segment. 

• Interviews with key staff and suppliers to clarify findings, and gain insights, as appropriate.

• A presentation of findings and discussion of next steps.

• A final report detailing findings, areas for further assessment, recommendations and a 12-month action plan with outline costs.

All undertaken and delivered by a Watertight Marketing Licensed Practitioner under the Watertight Marketing Satisfaction Guarantee. 


  • Fixed Price: £6,500 +VAT.
  • Duration: Written report delivered within one month.
  • Approach: In person and desk research as required.
  • Output: A clear and costed action plan for building a marketing operation within the next 12 months plus bonus list of quick wins. All peer reviewed by one of the other licensed practitioners.
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