How to write a marketing brief (my first ever blog)


It was for someone else… Yes, that’s correct. My first ever blog was written for someone else, and it’s still popular today. It was for Watertight Marketing, and possibly when the company was called Clear-Thought Consulting (before it rebranded). It was purposely written as what we now call a piece of ‘Invitation Information’. Content that […]

What’s new in the second edition?

Watertight Marketing Book - Second Edition-Angled

It’s here! Read our review and find out about the second edition of Watertight Marketing – the small business marketing book by Bryony Thomas.

Is your business blogaphobic?

What we do - Solid Sources

If you a small business developing a website and have been told you need a blog, what do you think about that? Here’s what we think… [5 minute read].

Why do you need boring checklists?

Who we work with Solid Sources

Well, there are people that do and people that don’t. But I would say all small businesses definitely do, and for all sorts of things.

How to structure a marketing case study


Whether for online or print, a case study should be engaging and informative ,and most of all let the benefits of working with you shine. Find some pointers on structuring one here…