Measuring Marketing Effectiveness

A guest blog for Bristol-based recruitment specialist Adlib on metrics and measurement for start-up marketing. Full article on Adlib's website »

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I regularly get asked by Bristol-based recruitment specialist Adlib Recruitment to share some pearls of wisdom on marketing. In this article, we talk about metrics and measurement, but as you will find out, I don’t always believe the numbers. Read the full article over on Adlib’s website here » [3 minute read]

(Article first published in May 2019)


As a start-up, how do you decide whether or not your marketing strategy is actually “working”? Reviewing sources of your sales and new business as well as KPIs of your campaigns allows you to see what works and what doesn’t to an extent, but what are the specific metrics that should be consistently reviewed to maximise your marketing success?

CHRIS CURREY. Principle Recruiter, Adlib Recruitment

Cheryl Crichton

Helps small businesses stop wasting money on marketing. Watertight Marketing Certified Practitioner, MCIM Chartered Marketer and mentor.

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