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Understanding why your marketing isn’t working might be one of your biggest challenges. The really tricky bit is working out what to do about it so you can keep growing your business.

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Need a plan?

If you want to identify where your marketing might need a boost, that’s exactly what we do. We then design effective marketing action plans that really support healthy sales and business growth.

Who do we help?

If you’re the owner of an ambitious business with a great product, and a great team, then you’re exactly the type of business we love working with.

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Gap Analysis

Touchpoint Leak™ Traffic Light Report: 

An insightful and unique online diagnostic tool  that identifies gaps in your marketing and puts them in priority order.

Make Marketing Happen Club

A monthly online club to sequence, select and celebrate delivering marketing activities that actually work for your business. Would you like to join us?

Cheryl Crichton Co-Founder Make Marketing Happen Club
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Watertight Marketing

A powerful and award-winning methodology for putting a marketing function into your business. Cheryl is licensed to use it with you and your business. 

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Lots of articles with practical advice and helpful tips from Solid Sources and friends.

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Your essential manual for making confident marketing decisions. Available on Amazon.

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If you’re just browsing, please help yourself to our free marketing hints, tips and how tos. Or, check out the blog for more reading on all things marketing.

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Fancy a chat?

If you have a specific marketing conundrum, or just feel like talking through your business goals, chatting it through with an outsider can sometimes be of benefit. Cheryl’s virtual door is always open.

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Cheryl is a bundle of energy. She brings great ideas and creativity, balanced with being able to focus the right activity in the right place for a strategic reason. That’s the trick. There’s many things we could be doing — the skill is knowing which are the right things — that’s been the value she’s added.”

MALCOLM MILLER. Group Managing Director, RTS Group